Real Life is bad for blogging

After spending an amazing month mostly away from the computer and immersing myself in horizons and vistas much wider than a computer screen, it's been hard to sit down again to blog. So let me sum up briefly what I've learned since returning to in case you missed it, too: Gutenberg is now available … Continue reading Real Life is bad for blogging

Your Readers Are People

Excellent advice from Happiness Engineer James Huff about being true to your audience, WordAds or not! (via Google Plus embed) Transparency on Advertising

It still comes as a shock to some community members that runs advertising on free hosted sites, unless you've purchased the annually renewable No Ads upgrade to remove them. This is stated in the Terms of Service that everyone agrees to when signing up for a website here. Recently however, has made a much … Continue reading Transparency on Advertising

Bye-bye AdControl, Hello WordAds (and who knows what else)!

This is a follow-up to my earlier post on changes to advertising on With the introduction of WordAds, stopped accepting applications to the earlier AdControl program. We still don't exactly know who is eligible for the new WordAds program (although the October announcement about the joint program with Federated Media gives a few clues) … Continue reading Bye-bye AdControl, Hello WordAds (and who knows what else)!