Survey Says… What’s Gutenberg?

Many thanks to those of you who took time to answer my brief end-of-the-year survey. We seem to be doing  OK on this site. You were generally able to find the information you were looking for and topics were covered to your satisfaction. The biggest question on your mind was Gutenberg, which is not surprising. … Continue reading Survey Says… What’s Gutenberg?

Year-End Reader Survey

It's the end-of-the-year Reader Survey. Make your voice heard and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Updated Privacy Policy

Blog @wordpressdotcom? I’m reposting this article here because it’s important that you know what information is collected about you by using and how that information is used. Make sure you click through and read the full Privacy Policy.

This current change to the Automattic Privacy Policy goes into effect on January 3rd, 2018.

The Blog

As part of our commitment to privacy and transparency, we’re updating our Privacy Policy. We want to give you more and clearer information about how we collect and use personal information — in a more organized and readable format.

Your privacy is critically important to us. These are the first words of our Privacy Policy, and words we live by when designing and building our products.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see:

  • We split the Privacy Policy up into sections titled: “Information We Collect,” “How We Use Information,” “Sharing Information,” “Choices,” and “Security.” Our aim is to make the Policy easier to follow and understand. We really want you to read the whole thing!
  • We added specific information about how our Privacy Policy applies to Jetpack sites and the WordPress mobile app.
  • We included real-world, concrete examples to illustrate our policies and give you a clearer picture…

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