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For the first time since 2010, will not send out its annual “Your Year in Blogging” report to users.

As far as this site goes, until today there were 4, now 5, posts published in 2016, with 1,730 page views by 1,150 visitors from around 80 countries with the USA, Canada, the UK, India and Israel the top 5. There were 18 Likes and 12 comments. (All these stats come from Calypso’s Yearly Stats Dashboard.) Compared to last year’s numbers, that is a big and not unexpected downturn given my lag in blogging. Looking forward to turning that around in 2017 with more updates and insights.

Are there topics about using WordPressdotcom that you would like to see covered in the coming year? Let me know in the comments.

Tweet Shares Missing?

Singing The New Dash Editor Blues

Since about 2011-12, users have been redirected to the New Dashboard (“New Dash”) after logging in on the main log-in page rather than to their primary site’s Dashboard. This change coincided with the introduction of the Reader and “Freshly Pressed” to the New Dash.  The “Quick Editor” was added and allowed users to select a Post Format to make a quick post on their site directly from the New Dash.

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Happy Retirement!

No, not me! I have a few years yet before that happens and I’m very much looking forward to it.

If you are currently using one of these themes, don’t panic!  If past history is any basis for judgement, these themes have only been made unavailable to newly created sites. Anyone who currently is using them should be able to continue to do so.  Just be aware that many of these themes to do not support WordPress’ latest features and some themes, like MistyLook, have updated counterparts.
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10 Insights from Quillcards

Not just the “how” but also the “why.” Excellent advice. Planning is the key and this is true for bloggers as well.

The Space Upgrade Gets An Upgrade, With A Caveat

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Expired Domain? Oh no! users with expired domains seem to be the flavor du jour in the Community forums today. So, this would be a good opportunity to remind users that if you’ve registered a domain name, regardless of whether through or not, take a moment and go look up your domain’s expiration date and add it to your calendar, digital or otherwise. If you registered your domain through, you can find this information in the “My Purchases” section of your Dashboard and if your domain is registered elsewhere, you can find it with your Domain Registrar or by performing a WHOIS search on your domain. Don’t depend solely on a renewal reminder notice or email from your domain registrar to keep your domain name up to date and in your possession.

Also, even if you’ve set your domain to automatically renew, check that your chosen payment method is current and that the renewal takes place on time. Don’t just assume it will.

If you don’t, you may find that recovering an expired domain could get very costly. explains the Domain Expiration Process